Made in Alaska

All Terrain Cover 2 (ATC2)

The big Cover 2's are purpose-built to shed sustained rain, snow, and windy conditions, creating shelter for multiple occupants.  The ATC2 has withstood up to 50mph winds when positioned sideways facing the wind, and most importantly firmly staked to the ground.  With the objective of providing "cover," for nearly all outdoor activities to include emergency use applications, the ATC is available in both high-visibility or concealable color configurations.  

With fast and adjustable deployment the ATC2 provides ample coverage in camp or out in the field for days at a time.  The Cover 2 has the height and width to accomodate multiple chairs.  Whether it is pre-dawn planning or sitting back after the day's hunt, having room to relax under an All Terrain Cover makes time on the tundra much more enjoyable.  

ATC2 Specifications: Weight: 40-50oz.  | Peak height 60" x width 60" | Go-Bag and (7) stakes 

Purchase an ATC2

Currently ATC2's are made in Tundra Green; ATC2 FR's are made in Flame-Resistant (FR) Maroon.  All ATC2's come with all guy-wires and a go-bag which includes seven (7) ground stakes. 

FR Covers are made with a poly coated 70D ripstop nylon canopy that has a flame-resistant coating which allows the canopy to withstand higher temperatures and also self-extinguish, to a degree.   All ATC FR's come with the Ember Shield attachment.

ATC2, Tundra - $235 -

ATC2 FR, Maroon - $245 -

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