Made in Alaska

All Terrain Frame: Freestanding and Adjustable

The ATC's patented frame is collapsible and quick to set up, being adjustable if necessary to stand upright on sloping terrain.  Two oversized Easton Expedition aluminum or Carbon FX poles strengthen the Cover's lightweight frame that is built to shed sustained wind, rain and snow.  And with a permanently fastened, waterproof ripstop canopy each ATC provides an ultra-light collapsible shelter system. 

The stability of the Cover's frame is derived from hoop strength. With oversized poles used for increased stiffness, the main cord (8) holds the pole frame members under tension maintaining hoop strength to remain stable in multi-directional wind forces commonly found in mountain or coastal weather.

Setup is fast, takedown is even faster.  Traditional tents require assembly of multiple components in the field. Each ATC is an integrated assembly, there are no loose parts other than ground stakes.  An ATC user simply connects the pole sections for both poles (6&7) and sets the intersection knot (1), then tensions the main cord wraps (3) by pulling downward on each and pushing the symmetry knots to the Arch Pole (6), and finally staking the ATC to the ground at 4-7 points depending on wind conditions. 


Each side of the ATC's fabric cover can be configured independently, allowing the user to adapt the shelter to features of the environment and maximize coverage.

When a need arises for shelter in an area that does not have a flat "campsite," the ATC adjusts to sloping or uneven terrain and can be quickly pitched upright.  This feature positions the fabric cover overhead to shed the most rain while also providing maximum headroom for occupants.  To adjust the ATC, the intersection knot (1) is moved to the high-side of the Arch Pole (6), with the main cord wraps (3) being moved accordingly to tighten the fabric cover.