Made in Alaska

About ATC Alaska

Backcountry hunting requires a lot of time exposed to the weather, in Alaska you have to do it in the rain.  While in remote areas, staying dry while keeping moisture off of optics and other equipment is the Name of the Game.  And for those who go farther into the field for extended periods of time ATC's can provide a refuge for observing wildlife, stayinig warm and planning the next move. 

Quality rain gear is good for a few days, depending on weather.  Although, keeping yourself and your gear completely dry is even better. 

For these reasons the ATC was purpose built for Alaska hunting out on the tundra and in the mountains, where there is minimal natural cover and plenty of bad weather.  Having an ATC allows users to carry and establish cover at a preferred vantage point, enabling them to stay dry nearly anywhere regardless of weather conditions.  The ATC's patented design has been tested, improved, and proven to provide lightweight, rigid shelter that can be pitched on any terrain. 

ATC Alaska is located in Anchorage, Alaska.  Currently, ATC's are ordered, handmade and shipped directly from Anchorage.

Thank you for visiting this site - stay dry, and go find them!